1. To rekindle the paths of Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Gurudev Tagore – who are the personifications of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, through a research on their Lives, Works and Teachings;
  2. To promote National Integration through educational programmes in the fields of music, literature and culture;
  3. To evolve a Universal Religion incorporating universal Truths common to all religions, for practice in thought, word and deed.


  1. To make every house a Sevaniketan and every village a Shantigram ;
  2. To publish and promote literary works of the founder of the concept “Sevaniketan – Shantigram”
  3. To promote fine arts and culture in the urban and rural areas.;
  4. To conduct thematic concerts, dance ballets and arrange dance program of Indian Fine arts;
  5. To conduct national and international tours for study and propagation of Indian fine arts;
  6. To engage teachers and professionals to teach the young students the basics of Indian fine arts and train the talented in  Indian Classical Music and Dance to become future artiste;
  7. To inculcate in the minds of young people, right from school level, an avid interest to learn and practice these arts that have been once the embodiment of our national culture;
  8. To promote and foster education and spread of Indian Classical Music & Dance;
  9. To organize and encourage research and development in the Indian Classical Music and dance;
  10. To conduct seminars, workshops and conferences with the eminent persons in the field of Indian Classical Music & Dance and connoisseurs of Indian Music & Dance with a view to find new areas of research in the field of Indian Classical Music & Dance and its application to practical life;
  11. To build up a library of old manuscripts and books of Indian Classical Music & Dance and to print them for use of general public and other incidental activities that are consistent with the object of education and research in Indian Classical Music & Dance;
  12. To use the fund of the Society for awarding periodical or occasional scholarships or prizes to deserving artistes and students of music and/or dance;
  13. To give grants or reimbursement of expenses for conducting Music and/or Dance performances by talented persons and/or to conduct public performances to spot the young talents and to encourage such talents to achieve excellence in Music & Dance;
  14. To constitute awards/prizes for outstanding achievements of persons in the filed of Indian Classical Music & Dance either as students in educational institutions or others who have made worthwhile contributions towards achieving the objects of this  Association;
  15. To accept donations, grants, presents and other offerings and to deal with the same for the purpose of the Society.